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Cell Communication: The Inside Story
  • Feature article from Scientific American 2000 (by J.D. Scott and T. Pawson) [PDF]
Compilation of Protein Domains from SMART (EMBL Heidelberg)
Mechanisms of Signal Transduction (by M.W. King, IU School of Medicine)
Protein Domains (Cell Signaling Technology)
Protein Interaction Domains (Pawson Lab, Mount Sinai Hospital)
Protein-Protein Interactions
  • Encyclopedic reference of genomics and proteomics in molecular medicine, Springer Verlag 2006, Part 16, 1548-1552.
    (by P. Uetz and C.S. Vollert, FZ Karlsruhe) [PDF]
Systems Biology: the 21st Century Science (Institute for Systems Biology)
Yeast Molecular Biology (by H. Feldmann, University of Munich)
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BioPathways Consortium
  • catalyze the emergence and development of computational pathways biology, by building up a strong and coherent scientific community, sharing knowledge, facilitating collaborations, and fostering the development of methods and tools of wide interest to the community
SBML - Systems Biology Markup Language (California Institute of Technology)
  • portal for the Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML), a computer-readable format for representing models of biological processes
  • suitable for models of metabolism, cell signaling, and other processes, and has been evolving since 2000
Science's STKE - Signal Transduction Knowledge Environnment
  • web site and online journal devoted to the topic of cell signaling
Systems Biology Institute
  • portal site for systems biology
UCSD - Nature Signaling Gateway
  • comprehensive and up-to-the-minute resource for anyone interested in signal transduction
  • unique collaboration between the University of California San Diego (UCSD) and Nature Publishing Group
WikiBooks - Open books for an open world
Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia
Yeast Wiki


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